My name is Eric Schechter. I’m running for the US Senate in Tennessee, because the money parties aren’t saying what needs to be said.

We have government of the people, by the rich, for the rich. That’s not going well for us. Rich politicians won’t end it, though they always promise to.

Productivity keeps rising – that’s goods produced per hour of labor – so why are we in “hard times”? The rich claim the rest of us are lazy, and punish us with trickle-down and austerity economics. The aftermath of the 2008 crash is a booming stock market for the rich and lower-paying jobs for the rest of us. Many experts expect an even bigger crash soon.

Much of our federal budget goes to tax cuts for the rich, and to subsidies for a few big corporations – drugs, health insurance, oil, corn, industrial meat, etc. And half of our federal budget goes to unprovoked, unjustifiable wars, based on lies. If we want to “make America great again,” a good first step would be halting the mass murder of our cousins overseas. Win or lose, the wars make a few rich men richer, selling oil, weapons, etc. Then it comes full circle: Most congress members get campaign funds and other kickbacks from those profiteers.

We have better uses for all that money. We need better schools, national healthcare, mass transit, and homes for the homeless -- including those whose homes are being destroyed by “extreme weather.”

Global warming is real, and it’s accelerating, and the politicians who say otherwise are liars paid by the oil companies. Already, it's causing fires, floods, crop failures, thousands of deaths, and billions of dollars’ storm damage, and that’s just the beginning. Governments are doing too little about it. If we don’t do a lot more soon, we’ll be the last generation.

My name is pronounced “shektur.” I’m a PhD (University of Chicago) and Professor Emeritus (Vanderbilt), not a millionaire. Politics should be about ideas, not fund-raising, so I’m not accepting donations from anyone, and I’ll have no paid advertisements. But if you like my ideas, you can recommend my website to your friends: